Villa Calicantus is one of the smallest winery of the Bardolino wine area: 8 hectares of vineyards surrounded by olives trees and small woods, on the top of  high hills of the Bardolino Classico area, two km away from lake Garda. We produce between 30.000 and 40.000 bottles per year, depending on the weather trend of the year. We work in organic since 2011 and in biodynamic agriculture since 2014, so neither in the vineyards nor in the winery we use any kind of chemical product.


Bardolino Wine

But before to be a wine winery, Villa Calicantus is a dream, a dream made of passion, respect and love for our land: our dream is to demonstrate that it is possible to produce a “vin de garde” respectful of all the characteristics of the Bardolino wine,using only the traditional varieties of Verona, restarting to age the Bardolino wine long time in wood like in the past, without compromise with a wine market that in the last decades distorted the idea of Bardolino wine.


Bardolino wine

For us a new idea of Bardolino is based on three elements: balance, love of Nature and respect of the “terroir”.

Balance – The final goal of all the tasks we conduct in the vineyards is to have every vine in balance with the soil in which it’s rooted, with the other vines and with the grapes it produces. For this reason we labour the ground between the rows, we let grow the grass until it flowers and we reduce the quantity of grapes on every vine, depending on the weather trend, on the age of the vine and on the kind of wine we produce with it.



Love for Nature – A wine maker is nowadays considered more as a businessman the as a farmer. We have instead to rediscover the beauty and the energy that comes from Mother Earth: it has to be respected and cultivated with good judgment and foresight. Who take care of the land have to safeguard its salubrity and its fertility for the next generations. For this reason our vineyards have been worked in organic since the first year of production, 2011. Thereafter we started to work in biodynamic in 2014, as a result of a new awareness of the necessity to complete the natural path started few years before.


Bardolino wine

Respect of the “terroir” – The morainic soil of the Bardolino Classico area has peculiar characteristics to understand and to promote: this soil doesn’t permit to produce rich body and high alcohol wines, characteristics too often confused with a wine’s complexity. This is why our strictness is aimed to obtained wines in which elegance, finesse and complexity dialog each other to obtain a unique and authentic expression of the Bardolino wine and lake of Garda. We use the traditional grape varieties of Verona, Corvina Rondinella and Molinara to tell a story as new as old as the Bardolino wine.


Bardolino wine

Beside the viticulture activity, we also run a small “agriturismo”: you can come for a glass of true wine and some local products or for a  tasting of all our wines and a guided tour that will bring you inside the world of the natural wine. Come to visit us for a unforgettable wine tasting in Bardolino, lake Garda! (All the infos on the WINE TASTING page).