Wine Tasting + Organic Bardolino Wine + Local or Home made Products + Music + Walking in the vineyards + View on lake Garda


Villa Calicantus is a small organic and biodynamic winery, owned by the Delaini family since 1860.
Here the time stopped in the last century, for this reason our wines are speaking another language compared to others Bardolino wines. Here everything tells you a story made of respect for the vineyards, for the wine and for those who are drinking it.

Because this is a unique place, we don’t want to run the usual wine tasting you can have had in many other wineries. Our wine tasting is different, not only because we work in a totally different way in the vineyards and in the winery, but because it’s not only a tasting.
Coming to Villa Calicantus is like having a trip in the past, in a past when wines and vines were the center of everything: during this experience, we will explain you in details how we work in organic in the vineyards and in the winery, to let you understand the differences with standard wines.
Come to visit us to discover this unique place.

You can choose between the following wine tastings:

  • SIMPLE TASTING - If you want just to enjoy a glass of wine and the nice atmosphere of our old villa, you can choose between our organic wines and different kind of homemade products.
    SHEDULES: between 12,00am and 8pm
    DURATION: it depends on what you choose.
    PRICE: 2,50eu – 26eu per person, it depends on what you choose from the menù.
    Reservation not required, but very welcome.

  • FIX MENU’ TASTING – This tasting is composed of our 4 organic Bardolino wines (1 glass of rosè wine and 3 glasses of red wine), each wine is matched with a different kind of local or home made food (salami, cheeses, home made bread, home made olive oil).
    SHEDULES: between 12,00am and 8pm
    DURATION: 1hour and half/ 2 hours.
    PRICE: 26eu per person/10eu for child over 4years/12eu not drinking adult.
    Reservation not required, but very welcome.

  • FIX MENU’ TASTING + GUIDED TOUR OF THE VINEYARDS - Fix Menù Tasting + Vineyard Guided Tour: after the Fix tasting (if you arrive at 3,30pm) or before the Fix tasting (if you arrive at 5,30pm), Daniele, the wine maker, will bring you to the vineyards on a hill near the villa, explaining you how we work in organic and biodynamic, without using chemical products; from the top of the hill (one of the highest of the area)  that is overlooking the lake, he also will explain the territory around lake Garda and how the lake and mountains influence the vines.
    SHEDULES: 3,30 pm or 5,30 pm.
    DURATION: 2 hours and half.
    PRICE: 30eu per person/15eu for child over 4years/17eu not drinking adult.
    Reservation required. In September only on Saturday.

  • TOTAL TASTING - Fix Menu Tasting + 1840′s Winery Guided Tour (at 5pm) + Vineyard Guided Tour (at 5,30pm): Daniele Delaini, owner and wine maker at Villa Calicantus, will bring you in a three hours trip in the wine world; from the history of the Delaini family and how we make and age our wines, to the vineyards and biodynamic farming, this Total Tasting is a 3hours full immersion in the wine making world; after this wine tasting the wine world won’t be anymore a secret!
    SHEDULES: at 3pm or 5pm.
    DURATION: around 3hours.
    PRICE: 35eu per person/20eu for child over 4years/22eu not drinking adult.
    Reservation required. In September only on Saturday.


  • 4  organic Bardolino wines of our production (1rosé + 3 reds);
  • our organic olive oil;
  • home made products, local salami, cheeses from the mountains surrounding Verona, home made bread, home made cakes.


  • 15th of March – 3rd of November;
  • on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 12,30am to 8pm;
  • on Saturday from 12am to 9pm;
  • CLOSED: on Sunday and Monday;


  • write to info@villacalicantus.itfor booking in advance;
  • call 0039/340 36 66 740 or 0039/328 71 19 373for a last minute booking;


  • The guided tours start at 5pm with the tour of the winery, followed by the tour of the vineyards.
  • You can come at 3pm in order to have the wine+food tasting before the tours, that start at 5pm and so you’ll finish the experience around 6pm;
  • or you can come a little bit before 5pm in order to have first the tours and than the wine+food and you’ll finish around 8pm.


  • by foot, we are on the top of a hill, so to walk here from the lake you have to be well trained;
  • by bike, 10min from Lazise, 30/40min from Bardolino, on the way here the level of difficulty is not easy;
  • by bus, no busses in the afternoon;
  • by boat+taxi, stop by boat in Lazise or Bardolino and take a taxi here;
  • by taxi 12/15eu from Lazise, 15/20eu from Bardolino;
  • by car, easiest way, we are 2min from Lazise, 5min from Bardolino, 10min from Garda, 15min from Peschiera del Garda, 25min from Verona.


  • jazz, opera, ’60s italian music, gipsy.


  • via Concordia 13, Calmasino;
  • the village of Calmasino is 2km from Lazise and 6km from Bardolino;
  • you can park inside.


We open our 1840′s Italian style villa to welcome you for wine tastings and guided tours. We want to bring you in the wine world and tell you about the incredible territory that is Garda Lake wine area. During our wine tastings you’ll live an amazing experience and you’ll see with your own eyes what does it means to produce wine. Daniele and Chiara, the owners of Villa Calicantus, will explain you the wines, the wine making, the history of our winery.

You can have just a glass of wine with a snack and have a free walk in the vineyards; or you can have a complete wine+food tasting with all our wines and food; then if you want you can also attend the guided tour of the winery and the guided tour of the vineyards.

If you don’t want to attend the tours, after the tasting you can go by your self for a walk in the vineyards overlooking the lake, they are just 50meters from the villa: you’ll have a complete view of lake Garda, the Alps and all the hills of the Bardolino and Valpolicella area.

Our TOTAL WINE TASTING is not only a wine tasting, this is an unique experience in the wine world! We’ll bring you through each phases of the wine production, from the winery, to the vineyards in order to let you touch and live what does it means to produce wine. In the picturesque context of our 19th century villa, with jazz or opera music as background, you can taste our wines: Bardolino Chiaretto (rosé), Bardolino Superiore DOCG (red) and our riserva Avresir Docg (red). Each wine can be matched with different kind of local products: home made secret recipe of mushrooms, cheeses to taste with home made marmalades, salami, home made bread, our olive oil, all from local producers or homemade.

This wine tasting is like a long and copious meal, but with great wines. No reason to go to the restaurant after this…

At 5pm we run a guided tour of the winery first and then of the vineyards.

We start from our 1840′s winery where Daniele, Villa Calicantus’s owner, will explain you all the phases of wine production and where you’ll taste, if possible, one wine directly from the barrels.
After the winery
, Daniele will bring you to visit our vineyards just behind the villa, on the top of one of the highest hill of Garda Lake. During the walk Daniele will explain you our history, our organic approach and the different tasks to do in the vineyards. At the top of our hill you will enjoy the unique view of the Alps mountains, Garda Lake and Bardolino and Valpolicella area. Coming back to the villa you’ll pass through our olive grove where we have  some of the oldest olive threes of all Garda Lake.