At Villa Calicantus we want that our wines express the complexity of an unique territory as the Bardolino wine area is, where beauty, micro clima and tradition can give to life wines so fine and elegant to become unforgettable.

In order to exalt at the best this incredible mixture and to let express in every wine we make the different spirits of our vineyards, we decided to work  following a parcel selection. In this way every vineyard has its wine and every wine has its vineyard: working in this way, it’s possible to get even more in the wines the differences between a vintage and an another and let yourself be surprised by the way Nature influenced our work during the different vintages.


Bardolino Wine

In the winery we do not interfere with modern oenological methods like changing color, alcohol, aromas or other parameters because our goal is to try to preserve the original characteristics of the grapes and then of the wine. We accept that Nature could or has to impose, to the vineyards first and then to the wine, certain differences between a vintage and an another, so that our work of wine maker become even more emotional and unique: we are just an interpreter of the silent language that the vineyard change every year along with Nature.


Bardolino Wine

Our wines are fermented with their spontaneous yeast, as long as the vintage requires. They are aged in concrete and wood tanks and barrels. They are not filtered.  The only additive we use is sulfites in very low quantities that are between 15mg/L and 35mg/L.


Bardolino wine

Come to visit us for discover this incredible world: we organize great wine tastings that will help you do get into the natural wine world.