Daniele Delaini, Villa Calicantus’s owner, explains how the choice of working in biodynamic took place: “The Villa Calicantus’s adventure started in 2011, when I decided to quit a not bad job in a bank in Paris to dedicate my self completely to a small vineyard my aunt Teresa gave me some years before.

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At that time I didn’t have a lot of experience in wine: I only had tasted many different wines and read many books about it. So I didn’t know yet which kind of wine I’d have produced, how I’d have done it and above all where I’d have done it, because I didn’t have a winery at that time. But between all those uncertainties, I was sure of one thing: I’d have worked in organic!

This choice was based on three simple points :

  1. because I’d have worked personally in the fields, so I didn’t want to be poisoned by any kind of chemical products;
  2. because, even if I didn’t know yet how my wine’d have been, I knew that I wanted it full of life and healthy, made with the grapes and not with the miracles of chemic or enology;
  3. because I always liked the dream to be able to give a better world to the next generation and, for those who really believe it, to “fight” in organic is also this.

For these simple reasons, since the first year of production (2011) I didn’t use any chemical products, nor in the vineyards nor in the winery.
A year goes by, we are in winter 2012 and the bank seams a bizarre and far memory. I started to taste more and more biodynamic and natural (without soulfits) wines.
One day in Paris I took place at a vertical wine tasting of a winery that passed during the years from a chemical agriculture, to an organic and then biodynamic one. During the tasting I immediately feel the difference when we start to taste the wines produced in biodynamic. It’s a revelation! In those wines I feel the vitality, the strength and  the mineral taste of the soil in which the vines’s roots are. And I realize that the organic approach is no more enough, that I have to go beyond it. It’s no more enough to say: “No chemistry”. I have to go deep in the comprehension of my land, starting from the soil and from the ongoing balances in my vineyards.
And so in 2014 I decide to convert all my property to the biodynamic.
The vitality, the strength and  the mineral taste that I felt during that wine tasting in Paris are now fundamental to be able to give more depth and intensity to my wines, that are thin by their nature. Thanks to Biodynamic I think to be able to produce wines that are a true expression of a complex territory like the Bardolino Classico, enclosed between lake of Garda, the Alps and the Adige river”.

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